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tv   Headline News  RT  July 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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choose the stories that in high life choose the access to your office. ukrainian army shows no mercy as it continues with its deadly crackdown on anti-government fighters in the east with entire settlements razed to the ground. and heartbreak across the region we report on those unwillingly caught in waukee of calls accidental attacks. as the so-called islamic state terror group gains ground in iraq journalists scrutinize a rare video of its leader on the pricey watch on his wrist raising further questions about the money behind the operation.
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also the killing of a palestinian boy in jerusalem triggers violence across the region with activists saying israeli casualties get the lion's share of attention while the deaths of palestinian youths go ignored. or as. far as. welcome you're watching the weekly on r.t. here with today's headlines and around of the week's top stories. first deadly fighting goes on across eastern ukraine and residential areas continue to be caught up in the army's assaults that despite promises not to attack them now these are images from the city of lugansk where shelling reportedly left at least one dead and four injured is the latest in a string of heavy raids on eastern ukrainian cities this week has seen dozens of millions killed and entire villages razed to the ground. zero for it. all civilians have had to seek
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cover and avoid being caught up in what the military says are precise attacks on anti-government fighters despite that though. women children and the elderly have been among the victims did you. do you. do you. do you do you need someone. to do the blood that. you got the large you were aboard boeing. you know you were. very. and while at least twelve people have been killed in the small village of congress which was left literally in ruins after an
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air raid on the settlement give us said that deadly attack was an accident or maria phenomena went there for us and a warning you may find some images in her report distressing. as we arrive in can just a village twenty five kilometers from the grounds houses and still. at least five aerial bombs were dropped here disjoin an entire street and killing several people most. browed quarter you know when you have. alexander invites us to follow him. his backyard has become a planet field joe you're going to go to what it was or wasn't as a yeah but i thought that's a good point there are big shots. just next door and other human tragedy sort of broken off with mcclintock that leaves all of this and they were glued to the order of the roll and i want you you know if there were
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a fall you want to but warn me of my ship assume that it's a very good year old andries family was fortunately not at home at the time of the shelling though that's what he says it would have killed them. for doing think thank you to crane their force just hours ago and the cease fire and date and key agrees you would cause it's empty terribly aeration in eastern ukraine and you didn't hear the move in the building heard but it was the door that the hope was it was the food in the foot of. it war it was killing you it kills the would choose to do with you it gives you the reason e.g. when you're dealing with the need she would need to do it with we did we did neighbors did didn't keep moving forward in europe or should be nurturing the floors before it's a good deal if there is night suddenly we hear the sound of shells exploding you know my foot or two up when we're going to shoot but here now i carry the national
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series you so we have to run now. on our way back we stopped by a local hospital. a day before the local power station was heat in another shelling since then there has been new running water and no electricity and water to. use in your city only throw children only to someone looked up with who you. still. see that you knew which we find alexander his father him and the injured he says he sees no point in leaving now that his wife's gone through the wormhole of the slaughter moho are the ones in the no no don't go around. it's getting dark and doctors tell us we'd better hurry up we come back to look ganske. missed this out phone was generals going with all this room our driver
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told us that this is the last checkpoint will start again with a shock of evil in the world somebody it happened and they say they are surprised why we're also the little the villagers targeted goebbels ngs and the chap on the nearest checkpoint is time to learn his way it seems that no one has an answer for this question. refresh nasty in eastern ukraine. funerals for those who were killed in the airstrike strike took place in what was left of the village square with one woman bearing both her husband and her young son. we view the body through a garment believed in beautifully. you couldn't really do what you want you to think that did you tell your family you boys if you're looking you the boy is the only thing you puzzle over. the world and the baby boy was read. but despite the horrific attack on congress to washington continues to offer
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excuses for care of sanctions. our view is that the reigning in security forces operations have been moderate and measured they've been taking steps to maintain calm within their own country and although many say the ukrainian military is justified in sanctions the country's parliament is hardly unanimous on the issue president bush goes praise for the army was but with a rather chilly response earlier this week. i mean. it. was it was. predicted national arabic thousands of government forces of pulled out of the cities of slavyansk and kramatorsk which were hubs of resistance
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and the key targets of kiev's crackdown where they withdrew towards the regional capital down yet and the city of gold for reinforcement and thousands gathered in support of antique air forces in done yet central square they waved banners calling for peace and appealed to kiev to stop its assault on the country's east refugees from the devastated cities of slavyansk incrementals continue to flow into the region's capital and here's what they told r.t. . we're ready to. move you to them when you most of those are pretty. good they're going to. do you love you there you dear. and in the meantime ukraine's national guard says it will come after fighters who are refusing to lay down their arms as well as others who help them in the newly retaken cities here's mark sloboda an international affairs lecturer at moscow
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state university the reports out this morning is that they are already going door to door looking for people who might have remained behind health or are perceived as having helped the self-defense forces and the local say they are being executed we have seen some very grim results in the previously occupied towns most of the young middle aged men are rounded up what exactly is being done with them whether they are being executed or taken off is not entirely. you know we have heard the defense minister of the ukraine several weeks ago speak openly and without even any attempting to hide it that all of the citizens of eastern ukraine when these towns and cities or reconquered would be taken to women children and men would be taken to filtration camps not even really trying to hide the connection with concentration camps of course. we'll find lots more on the fast moving developments
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in ukraine on our website and also there for you at u.s. news channel proved its geographic knowledge of the stricken region might not be a strong point find out how c.n.n. came to place ukraine's eastern city of slovyansk hundreds of kilometers from where it's supposed to be. right to see. and i think. this week the leader of the jihad this group now known as the islamic state made a rare public appearance and iraqi officials are still working to verify the video which the self declared head of the renegade state delivered
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a speech in the country's second largest city but the extremist leader was widely mocked when it turned out he was sporting a watch for the period to be worth thousands of dollars extremist group has been strengthening its positions capturing key oil fields in the region one of the latest major games was the resource rich site on the iraqi syrian border. let's take a look at just how much land the islamic state group already has under its control this black area on our map is the self-proclaimed caliphate which straddles the border between syria and iraq the success of the islamic state group has seen a number of rebel factions in syria now pledge allegiance to it and the group is eager to show off its military might to persuade other fighters to join their course parade of tanks into the combat vehicles some of them originally supplied by america was filmed in eastern syria iraq insists it can defeat the hardest but there's our correspondent lisa catherine off now explains that could prove to be a tough task. do harvests formerly known as isis this week to clear the completion
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of their islamic state this that i have a shamble but now it's all dora one country there's no more more or less. the iraqi army meanwhile is fighting back in televised news briefings the government takes a victorious tone you know what it is going from the information that the ice is leaders have started to fleet but on the ground we found little evidence to back up those claims this used to be territory controlled by the central government but the iraqi army fled this area the same day that the city of mosul was captured by isis millions of dollars of u.s. made equipment abandoned uniforms shared in haste. now this looks like a hat a breakout from the special forces the iraqi special forces this is obviously
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a vest that they discarded left behind they dressed in civilian clothes ran away essentially abandoned their posts and that's how in part isis has been able to see it so much territory so quickly the finding has displaced hundreds of thousands of iraqis that many are scarred by the two thousand and three invasion and describe a sense of deja vu with the current crisis again from two thousand and three it's coming back so it's a disaster actually things are getting worse we want to understand first hand how this war was playing out we're on our way right now to one of the front lines the villages. up until about five days ago isis insurgents keep the country but entire territory village that's on a strategic road from mosul the next several of the provinces so they really want to access to a benchmark lost soldiers have been able to clear bits of it but there are still clashes ongoing and that's what we're having right now. at the base commanders take
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us to an outpost overlooking an area controlled by militants this is the very first offensive position against the isis militants just two kilometers that way every single day there's been sniper fire attempts by the hardest to enter this territory if they can push through the defensive position that they would potentially take your coop and move into the territories and that could be a massive battle just waiting to happen moments later we have to leave and we just got word that the just might be moving forwards all the soldiers have been told to evacuate this area we're going to get out before things get intense we know that there was clashes last night and we don't want to hear about what and again it was apparent just how fluid a conflict this was the front lines change daily and no matter what military gains each day he may bring if the iraqi civilians who lose as the war rages on poor on t.v. . kuku province iraq. so they're bringing out the big guns. are
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growing fast in the country to sixty five to go overseas and gears up for its first export in decades we've got more months coming up. the dishes on the trials and tribulations of following local french journalists trying to get by for a year products made in france we'll let you know how we got on after this short break. interview.
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welcome back you're watching the weekly here. still. next reports are coming in that an israeli air strike has hit central garza killing two palestinians this shortly after israeli police arrested suspects over the murder of a palestinian teenager whose autopsy suggests that he was burned alive. and his death sparked fierce clashes between the arab population and israeli law enforcement the boys believed to have been murdered over the killing of three jewish teenagers whose bodies were discovered last monday and into didn't send tensions soaring in the region within days israel arrested hundreds of palestinians and raided thousands of homes while trying to find the jewish teens killers but a senior adviser for the palestinians biggest political party told us that israel's response is over the top. because this is that of military occupation of
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a country against people and civilians because of sweeping coronas asian it's very clear that israel has exploited this incident to really politicize the event in a way to reveal its real intentions and its real intention is the block to block the emergence of a palestinian state is to make sure that gaza will never come back to the west bank and palestinians would have been for fragmented and the tools to it in this world is that of a state sponsor of the terrorism and the excessive use of force as you have just thrown have you heard any word that there is a state that will simply keep an entire nation list seizure on communities because there are investigations and allegations so this whole collective punishment approach that israel has been using house to stop. these pictures only made a tense situation worse they appear to show israeli police officers beating the cousin of the murdered palestinian teen who is an american citizen the recent
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crackdown on palestinians follows the brutal killing of israeli teenagers given emotional coverage across western channels sense that there will be some retaliation for these deaths it's becoming increasingly apparent that his promise to make hamas pay for the three teenagers found dead on monday there is a huge amount of grief at the discovery the grim discovery of the three bodies of those israeli teenagers late yesterday israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the three teenagers were murdered in cold blood by what he described as animals but what the western mass media did not report on of the hundreds of palestinian families whose heartfelt grief for their lost children has been forgotten more than fifteen hundred palestinian children have died and six thousand injured by israeli forces since the year two thousand as these figures show what it boils down to is that one palestinian child killed every three days but local
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activists fear the international media repeatedly chooses to turn a blind eye to israel's deadly record israeli army has been killing palestinians in cold blood for several years we are talking about thousands and thousands of palestinians were killed by the israeli army and tens of thousands of people who were injured during forty seven years of military occupation there isn't really an army now is demolishing houses and the actions of collective punishments are continuing also in the form of air raids on gaza which the israeli army is using to provoke reactions from palestinians and then. either the actions as cause or as the reason for the or purpose of behavior in gaza strip and in other places and palestinian territories. there are more spy strains developing between germany and the united states turns out there was a double agent in berlin's mids music used to feeding data to the n.s.a.
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story at r.t. dot com. and also online for you this is a real structural hugely powerful soviet era lightning generator is coming back online but now it's powering tourism instead check it out for yourself a website. now this week japan's ruling parties agreed to lift a self-imposed ban on overseas military operations for the first time since the second world war but protests spread quickly with people showing their anger in some rather extreme ways the video we're about to show you contains some graphic scenes. such as this one activist setting himself on fire he was taken to hospital with severe burns and ten thousand people rallied in tokyo where angry mobs clashed with police and attacked the prime minister's office the protesters criticized the government for failing to hold a referendum on whether or not to expound upon his military. or defense analysts
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say that the changes could affect the balance of power in the region as japan could now help its allies fighting overseas and this comes at a time when the u.s. is deploying extra troops to the area with more than eighty thousand military personnel spread across dozens of bases in the asia pacific region but while some are exposed to see the shift is particularly important others say it could make all the difference in any future conflict. if. your score would break over the world. war period where you're. going to cost you three fourths worth remove more to do with the united states europe. or the world. one of your characters are all this move by the japanese prime minister to essentially change the constitution by c.e.o. we have two very powerful countries china japan and japan is has
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a military alliance with the united states so if circe any kind of dust up between japan and tried then we're talking back to nuclear powers butting heads and i'm a little surprised that people are not maybe more concerned about this situation and they are they have to. two thirds majority from both houses and then it will become a referendum for the people what has done has circumvented all of that and declared that his resolution can't just reinterpret the constitution and that's a very dangerous power even if you agree with what he's doing the process by which he's doing it is completely. more news for you now from around the globe two trucks of slammed into a van in southwest china killing four people and injuring five more fighters in the sichuan province managed to get out all the surviving passengers who were then taken to hospital and investigations underway into what caused the accident.
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elsewhere two separate attacks on neighboring coastal districts in kenya have killed more than twenty people during the first assault gunmen stormed the police station releasing several detainees some of them linked to previous terror acts in the second heavily armed militants raided a trading center in the village of hindi islam is a group al-shabaab says it was behind both attacking us. now to try and spurred jobs and businesses were often told to buy local kind of tricky though in this globalized world but one frenchman well he tried to give it a go in a culture of i went to find out how it fared surviving solong french products for almost a year. how frank skin a person really in this day in age the answer is ninety six point nine percent if you ask french journalist karl the put a ten month ban on anything for most of those things but also the rules of this
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experience were to get rid of everything that was not french and only use products that got most of their added value on french soil with an average salary of one thousand eight hundred euros a month i found myself in a situation where i had to buy everything again including furniture inspired by a government plea to stick to french products to stem the country's decades long industrial decline the problem is that there aren't many products left these days that are purely french what really surprised me is how much food we import each time i see a foreign product i think it's crazy because it could have been made in france but it's not. but benjamin's biggest surprise was that shoppers probably don't know whether french flag goods are valid from. today's rules of the european union a crazy if you take the should for example and you just so the buttons in france you have the right to put a made in from label on it it's the last operation the product undergoes that matters. even though it's not hard to find economic patriots like benjamin clarke
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it is hard to support the french more than me according to some experts who claim the point he appeared commitments are opening the door to point competition force in french companies out of business. we estimate that in friends there's roughly one plant closing every day between two hundred forty and two hundred sixty plants a year absolute protectionism like in north korea is absolute everybody around the world agrees on that but we go from one extreme to another where there's no regulation at all industrialization comes from globalization but it doesn't happen because some bad guys took the jobs of the french but because the french companies think we will make more money by going abroad purchasing with patriotism takes some effort but shoppers here are giving it a go and the hope of saving local businesses and keeping them in the country retail experts say there's room for all just so long as they play fair one solution being
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put forward is to level the employment standards within the european union and boost local industries so that it's not cheaper to buy farm products or get them manufactured the product. i love life and i love to benefit from things and i think it's impossible to live completely with french products it costs too much anyway and it takes a crazy amount of time because it's hard to find needless to say benjamin is now by n.p.r. his borders again but he's paying more attention to labels and ecological recycle products no matter where they come from moving a cost of reports in from paris artsy. and. next there are not international it'll be crosstalk with host putin the. world. science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something if simple as people playing soccer games you can see individual players and you can see the ball. you can only see a spatial expression you can see is a mouth open and crying out. maybe cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured. on marriage in the financial world. to cease to goldman's cannot stop the
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advance only takes no demand to trade is not going to get any economic benefit in life there are jews and there are mosques. oh and welcome to all things are considered lavelle redrawing the map the rise of the islamic state or isis in the middle east is said to reorder political realities in the region the west neocolonial agenda for the arab world is coming to an end it would seem the arab spring has been replaced with a jihadi summer. cross-talk to be shaping of the middle east i'm joined by my guest michael barnett in washington he is a professor of international affairs at the george washington university.


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